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There are few franchise opportunities that come into the market with existing national brand power.  Crumb & Get It Cookie Company and it’s founders, Chris and Kelly McMurray, are a nationally recognized brand in virtually every market around the country.  One small decision, based on principles, has launched this brand to a national audience.  In August 2012 Chris was approached by the Obama-Biden campaign to be used as a photo-op as the entourage was traveling through Virginia.  Chris politely declined and the rest, as they say, is history.  Take a moment to review the stories below to find out how our national brand can benefit you as you consider joining the Crumb & Get It Cookie Company family.

Television Highlights:

On The Record With Greta VanSusteren:

Fox News:

Radio Highlights:

Brian and Bryan Show WMAL Radio Washington DC:

Chris Plante Show:

Perhaps one of the most popular videos that circulated on the web was a phenomenal hit and it can be found at the link below.  Despite it’s amateur production you will see that the video is approaching 600,000 views on YouTube.  This video was put together and circulated by an individual that launched a massive e-mail campaign.


If you are still looking for some idea of who we are and what we stand for feel free to check out the original story on our local television CBS affiliate, WDBJ7.


Introducing Paul Ryan:,0,5914864.story

And, if you still need some convincing just look at a recent letter I received from a former Ambassador.

Dear Kelly and Chris:

Millions of Americans salute you both for standing on principle in support of small business in America.  Despite the Obama campaign’s claim that you did not build your business. We know that you have worked hard and long to establish your bakery.

The fact that you asked that the Biden motorcade NOT stop at Crumb and Get It during their September campaign travels in Radford took courage on your part. I am delighted to learn that your business is booming because you have stood up for your commitment to free enterprise as the backbone of our economy.

May Americans across the country show their appreciation by purchasing thousands of your delicious cookies during this Christmas Season.

With my respect and admiration.


Dick Capen

La Jolla, California

Former Ambassador to Spain (1992-1993)